About > How to create your Fillr account
To access some features, like the Online Play mode or the level editor from the site, you need to have a Fillr account.
You can create your Fillr account from the game menu and use it to access the Play Online mode and other features from the game and/or Fillr website.
To create your Fillr account, follow these quick steps:
1) If you don't have Fillr installed in your Nokia phone, go to Nokia Store and grab it now.
2) Launch Fillr.
3) In the game menu, choose PLAY ONLINE.
4) In the PLAY ONLINE window, select New Player.
5) In the New Player window, type your Username, Password and E-mail, then press the REGISTER button.
6) If you see the next image, your account was created. If you get an error message, it means that Dark conquered the server :(

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